Bulgaria is located at the center of Balkan peninsula and has direct flights from all major European cities.
The country boasts incredibly diverse nature – several different types of mountain ranges, planes, rivers (including Danube river), lakes, forests and a seaside with sandy beaches and steep rocky shores. With its area of 111 sq. km. and constantly improving infrastructure, all locations are within a quick reach.

Bulgarian architecture features ancient Roman remains, VII-XIV c. fortresses, monasteries and churches, XIX-XX c. European architecture, high rise projects and modern buildings. 

With temperate continental climate, the country has four distinct seasons and is perfect location for a great variety of productions.

Bulgarian crews have years of experience working with foreign production from different parts of the world, all are English speaking and highly adaptable to professional and cultural differences.

Several big studios are operating in Bulgaria with sets of New York, London, Roman Empire, Arab cities, Western villages and many others.

Film crew and other related services are the cheapest in the European Union and provide great value/quality ratio. The country has a flat 10 % income tax and operates VAT free for EU member states. Even without a tax rebate program, the production costs are highly competitive. Currently, Bulgaria is implementing a cash rebate program expected to become fully functional in 2022.